About Equine Dreams

Equine dreams is the brainchild of Sakti Balaji. His vision is to educate and promote equestrianism as a sport within India. Equine Dreams is an organization which deals with complete solution for horses.

We provide consultation for buying and selling of horses, Franchising opportunities at your place for a Riding centre, Best option for feed to horses,

Insurance for horses and various other activities. Our objectives are to improve the productivity, health and performance by providing consultancy services and to contribute to the economic efficiency and sustainability in the Equine Industry.

Equine Dreams offers unique service for breeders, trainers and owners throughout India. With over 12 years of practical experience in the business of horses, Equine Dreams provides horse legal expertise in a wide variety of areas.

The years of practical experience and strong networking within the horse industry permits Equine Dreams to provide an important perspective on any related subject. During the course of either buying or selling horses, the buyer's or seller's interest can be represented.

If you are seeking a horse, or advice on the purchase of a horse, let our agent[s] represent you without the emotional commitment to the acquisition.

Whether the challenges are local, regional, national or in recreational or professional settings, Equine Dreams is prepared to respond to the needs in a timely and professional manner.

Vision & Mission


To become the main recreation destination for equine and animal facilitated therapies and to afford the clients the opportunities for integration, normalization, and socialization as they are challenged by professional instructors, and/or trained volunteers to gain a sense of accomplishment, control and acceptance.


To excel in all areas of equine provide a positive, non-judgmental environment by fulfilling the needs of clients. To encourage the development of human-animal relationships. To give people of all ages and challenges the opportunity to learn without boundaries, expanded physical and mental abilities, improved quality of life through the healing powers of animals, recreational and fitness programs and the serenity of nature.