Our Team

Marcel started with horse riding when he was 7 yrs old, first with the ponies, later with the horses. Most of the time he was in his neighbours place, as they had a breeding stable (stallions).
There he learnt all about horses and breeding programs.When he was 16 years he started a professional study, for instructor and rider by the dutch hippisch centre in Deurne (Netherlands) and finished that school in 1990 third years instructor (highest level).
Directly he started his own company training, riding and horse trading, where he trained 40 people by week private and 4 big clubs had over 20 national titles in the in the netherlands with the students dressage and jumping.
Then in year 2000, he moved to Mexico for training horses and riders there, they 9 times the championship from Mexico in 12 yrs, in dressage and jumping.
Have experience jumping and riding untill 145 class and in the dressage untill prix st george In 2012 he moved back to Belgium.
Now, he is exporting horses to more than 15 countrys in the world, above the 1000 horses.They include Usa, China, mexico, brasil, Italie, Germany, Scotland etc.


Savaranan is the junior trainer has been working teaching riders all the basics and basis of horse riding.
His enthusiam and passion for the sport is infectious and has played a key role in building confidence for riders from the beginning stages.
Savaranan has also been working with Lottie to devlop his own skills in competition and has quickly advanced to the higer levels proving to be a worthy candidate for future international competition.